🔓20 Memberships unlock soon [Newsletter #6]

Leigh Johnson
Leigh Johnson
🔓20 Memberships unlock soon [Newsletter #6]
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Print Nanny roadmap, stand-alone installation of Print Nanny, and 20 more Founding Memberships unlock August 9th.

Hi folks! Leigh, creator of Print Nanny here.

July 1st 2021 marked a historic moment for Print Nanny, when 10 Founding Memberships unlocked at 16:00 UTC.

Can you believe these sold out in less than a week? 😮 I was amazed!

This paid early access program offers special perks and unlimited Print Nanny usage, which will not be available at public launch.

20 Founding Memberships unlock Monday

On August 9, 2021 17:00:00 UTC, 20 memberships will unlock. Click here to set up your account ahead of time. This will give you a head start!

Unlimited Monitoring. Unlimited Printers.

Enjoy a year of unlimited Print Nanny use - no metering or restrictions!

This kind of unlimited plan will only be available to Founding Members. If you print 24/7, this is an opportunity to lock in full access at one price. In the future, Print Nanny will cost a little extra for each printer you connect.

Priority Support

Email me directly at leigh@print-nanny.com to get help. You'll also get access to a private #members-only Discord channel to help prioritize upcoming features and drive Print Nanny's roadmap.

Cool Swag

Founding Members receive a set of Print Nanny coasters (print yourself), a Discord badge, and a special 👻 Mystery Gift 👻 that I'll reveal during the public launch party! 🎉

Roadmap Updates  🗺️

Stand-alone Print Nanny is coming

I'm testing a few exciting features in a stand-alone version of Print Nanny:

  • Multi-camera support. Connect all of your IP cameras from one Raspberry Pi.
  • High-quality camera stream.
  • Integration options for Repetier and Mainsail.
  • Stream video directly from your Raspberry Pi. Eliminate slow hops to servers in us-central-1/us-east-1, plus privacy-first controls for camera data.  

Don't worry, we all love Octoprint (or we wouldn't be here). That isn't going to change! A stand-alone installation allows me to support a variety of printer controllers and manage low-level system settings.

If you're curious about the inner works of embedded machine learning, check out bitsy.ai where I blog about my research. I also share development updates on Twitter!

Stand-alone Print Nanny was conceived to meet the needs of Print Nanny's most dedicated members! In this early phase, y'all have the ability to drive the roadmap and demand new features.

Click here to check out Print Nanny's roadmap.

Follow the Research 🤓

I've had to become a fast expert in technologies like WebRTC. If you're curious about the tech behind Print Nanny, I've added my notes to research cards in the roadmap. Join Discord if you want to chat more. Happy to answer questions!

Whoa, there's some serious buzz about Print Nanny! Here's the latest:

Become Part of the Story

Click to finish registration and check back on August 9, 2021 17:00:00 UTC to snatch up one of the twenty available membership spots.

Join Discord to hang out with an incredible community of makers, DIY hackers, and all-around very cool people. 😎

Until next time,

🌻 Leigh

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