Thank you for supporting me πŸ™[Newsletter #4]

Leigh Johnson
Leigh Johnson
Thank you for supporting me πŸ™[Newsletter #4]

Do you know that I wake up each morning, excited to read bug reports and support emails?

Hey y'all! Leigh, creator of Print Nanny here.

Do you know that I wake up each morning, excited to read bug reports and support emails? If you're a software engineer and reading this, you know how nuts that sounds! Who in their right mind races to an issue trackers at dawn?

The reason why I'm so stoked everyday is: you all! I'm astounded by the positive response to Print Nanny, and humbled by the lengths you will go to troubleshoot.

Today, troubleshooting gets just a smidgen easier with Print Nanny Status! Now you can test your connection to Print Nanny and view helpful status info without SSHing into your Raspberry Pi.

You can now see helpful status messages & errors without SSHing into your Raspberry Pi.

Getting Better All The Time 🎢

Besides Print Nanny Status, v0.6.1 includes a few bug fixes and improvements that I'm excited to share.

Auto-magic patch notes ✨

If you've ever wondered "What's in this release of Print Nanny?" you're not alone! I do a terrible job at remembering to update patch notes.

I couldn't schedule a brain upgrade, but I did automate this with Release Drafter (Github Action).

Reminder: stable & pre-release channels available

Added in v0.6.0, you can now choose between stable releases (default) and a pre-release channel to continue life as a Beta tester.

Now you can choose less frequent, stable updates (or continue as a Beta tester)

Bug Fix: start monitoring automatically πŸ›

Besides helping build Print Nanny, @dzervas has been a godsend in helping me catch subtle bugs. In release v0.6.0, Print Nanny would only start manually.

This is now fixed in v0.6.1!

Print Nanny will automatically start when a print job begins.

Print Nanny can start automatically when a print job begins.

You can toggle automatic start on/off in Print Nanny's settings.

What else is new in v0.6.x?

If you missed the last announcement, you can always check out the newsletter archive to catch up on what you missed.

Print Nanny was also featured in Towards Data Science - check out the article if you want to learn more about Print Nanny's product strategy, machine learning infrastructure, and the algorithm I invented to measure print health.

Summer is growth season🌳

Thank you to everyone who has come this far! Exciting news is coming soon, and I can't wait to share Print Nanny with a wider audience.

If you want to chat more, join us on Discord to share your latest projects and hang out with some pretty cool people. You can also shoot me an email anytime - until next time!

Leigh 🌻

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