You grow, girl! 🌿 [Newsletter #2]

Leigh Johnson
Leigh Johnson
You grow, girl! 🌿 [Newsletter #2]

Hey y'all,

Just wanted to let you know a new Print Nanny Release is live! πŸŽ‰

Spongebob Squarepants and Patrick Star celebrate
Release v0.5.0 is the largest yet!

Reset your Device Identity

I changed the way device keys are issued, which means you'll need to reset your device identity!

If you're upgrading from a previous version, Print Nanny's wizard should prompt you to register your device again.

If you skipped the wizard, you can do this from Print Nanny's settings menu by clicking the Reset Device Identity button (pictured below).

What's new in this release?

Active Learning 🧠

Print Nanny will now learn from her mistakes! With active learning enabled, your camera stream is used to re-train the machine learning models used by Print Nanny's AI.

In this mode, Print Nanny does most of her work in the cloud. If you run Print Nanny on a Raspberry Pi 3 or alongside many other plugins, you'll notice a dramatic improvement in performance.

In a later release, you'll have the option to choose between offline (privacy-first) and active learning modes.

Discord Notifications πŸ””

Print Nanny can now send notifications to a Discord user or channel! Check out the FAQ: How do I connect Discord? to invite the Print Nanny bot to your server.

How do I connect Discord?
Print Nanny can now send notifications to a Discord channel or user! πŸŽ‰ To setup Discord notifications, follow these steps in the desktop/web or mobile Discord client. Desktop or WebFollow these instructions to enable notifications from Discord’s web/desktopapp. 1. Click the User Settings…

Faster Download & Install 🌠

I'm sorry to inform you: you won't have time to cook a 4-course meal while this release installs. At best, you'll have time to brew a very weak tea.

The giant (155MB!) TensorFlow wheel has been removed from Print Nanny's dependencies.

Instead, I've updated offline predictions to use TensorFlow's Lite Runtime, which weighs in at a svelte 1.09 MB. Dependencies required for offline operation have been moved to a separate package.

Note: offline operation is only available in developer builds at this time! You'll be able to try out offline mode in a later release.

Timelapse Videos πŸŽ₯

When your print is finished, Print Nanny will now automatically deliver a timelapse video to your email inbox.

When rendering your video, Print Nanny will draw boxes around what she sees. If you spot mistakes, flag the video for review. Print Nanny's results will improve each time you flag a mistake! 🀯

For example, in the video below a large portion of the view is incorrectly marked as spaghetti. Click the red flag 🚩to mark this video as a learning opportunity.

The Team is Growing! 🌱

If you've been hanging out on Discord, you probably recognize @dzervas from the positive, chill vibes he radiates. 😎 I feel lucky that someone so helpful, upbeat, and smart joined the community – and now I couldn't be prouder to announce Dimitris is part of Print Nanny's engineering team! πŸ™Œ

Here's a note he wrote to say hi!

Hi! I'm Dimitris (mostly known as dzervas), a DevOps by day and a Super Villain Maker by night. I quite enjoy picking up absurd side project that most times result in glorious fails. That lead to the meta-fail that my personal blog is, WhyNot.Fail.

I have the honor to announce that I'm a part of the Print-Nanny family, since I've been working on the server side for a couple of months now! Being comprised of tech that can declare you the Cool Kid in the Block (TM) (yet blockchain is missing) AND with the smoothest work experience I've ever had, it was quite easy for me to get hooked into coding for Print-Nanny.

Come and join us! We've got cookies! (the anti-CSRF flavor)

Here, get some and reach me at Twitter or check out my GitHub.

In the Spotlight

I was delighted to speak about Print Nanny's development last March as part of the TensorFlow Everywhere roadshow. Check out the slide deck to learn more about how Print Nanny's architecture has evolved over the last 4 months.

Print Nanny is Everywhere! 🌐

I'm proud and amazed to announce that Print Nanny is running around the world, with active users on every content except Antarctica! 🀯

Where's My Invite!?

First of all, thank you for being patient! Many of you have been waiting 4+ months to to receive access to Print Nanny. Of the 2,000 folks who requested access, less than 10% of you have received an invite.

Working with a small group has allowed me to:

  1. Talk to daily to users, understand their problems, iterate on solutions
  2. Personally jump on bugs (just ask poor CTFish)
  3. Change the product and architecture overnight, based on real-world feedback

Stay tuned for updates about the Beta's progress, and how we're going to scale to meet your demand!

If you're looking for a sneak peek, join Discord to hang out with Print Nanny's current batch of Beta testers.


I'll see y'all in Discord and Github Issues. May you have a lovely April!


Timelapse of Cherry Blossoms blooming

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